Thursday, March 29, 2012

The Recent Me 最近の私。

*Sigh* Exams are over but I do have a lot of stuff to do. Lecture homework piling up (procrastinating lol) And yesterday I finally finished Malaysian Studies presentation. Plus, I'm happy that my lecturer said my group did a great job. (Thanks everyone!)

But strangely, I stuttered more and was fidgeting more than my previous presentation. I rarely do presentations (I'm studying a weird course lol!) and the previous one was like, 7 months ago? This was my 3rd time doing a presentation in university.

Furthermore, I prepared small notes on paper today, but after speaking for about 3 minutes, I totally left the note on the table and presented my part without it. The result was, I forgot to talk about one tiny weeny part that was not on the slides.


Well, after my other groupmates presented I took the stand and added in the forgotten part and did the closing for the presentation. Thank god lecturer didn't ask questions. I was so relieved. Because lecturer did ask questions regarding their topic when the other groups were presenting. We're one lucky group!

After the class ended, we went for a movie and lunch! We watched Hunger Games. I have to say that this movie was interesting but it just had a weird ending lol. And the funny thing was, prior to the movie, I drank too much water and I was in a 'critical situation' and I went to the toilet in the middle of the movie.

Me : Dude, I'm in critical situation, I go toilet first lah, cannot tahan already.
Friend: ...Oh okay...

--After I came back from toilet.--

Me : Fuuhh, I feel refreshed. So, what did I miss?
Friend : Oh, nothing much, just the most important kissing scene of the movie.
Me : What the.. "=.=...ah great, oh well...

Rants : I'm in love with this coffee.

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