Friday, August 31, 2012

AniManGaki 2012 Day 1

こんちゃーす。It's time for AniManGaki 2012 Day 1's report. I'm so slow orz. Despite all the fatigue from set up day, the crews & volunteers had to get up early in the morning X_X I for one, arrived at the hall at 7am again. By the way, walking around Pyramid 7am in the morning is an interesting adventure o3o

I realized that I did not took enough pictures of the hall on set up day so I decided to take'em on Day 1 (More pictures of the hall taken on Day 2 though ww)

Here's the view from the media control center.

One of the highlights of our 'Highschool' theme, AniManGaki Gakuen (or AniManGakuen). It's where you put your otaku levels to the test, an anime quiz :3 The above picture was taken early in the morning, volunteers checking up prizes, decorations and last minute reviews of the questions.

A picture of AniManGakuen when it's empty. Tried to make it look like a classroom to suit our theme. Luckily enough, SPCC had blue table cloths which suits our colour theme too XD (blue/teal & orange).

After that, 9am approaches and crowd starts to pour outside the hall to purchase their tickets. Kind of hectic for me as I ran back and forth between Tenshi no Cafe, exhibitor booths and our 'command center', AniManGaki Office. Great to see lots of cosplay around and Reno from Tenshi no Cafe. The figurine exhibition outside the hall led by Darren was awesome too, too bad I didn't take any photos though D: Gomennasai Darren-san orz.

After some time I curi tulang and went over to Malaysia Vocaloid Party's booth to take a look at how my comrades were doing. And also,  took a few shots of the figurines displayed at the booth :)

HSP Miku. Don't mind Luka-nee at the back www. Jelly of my friends to have these figures :/

Shuukan Miku Nendroid (Shuukan Hajimete no Hatsune Miku) Original song by DECO*27. SHO CUTE QAQ

Sherman's lovely Hatsune Miku Love is War figure. Truly beautiful. I finally get to see it, I really love the hair, it really looks like it's flowing *w*

Another shot just for fun :3 The Love is War icon on Miku's megaphone.

So many nendos and figures *w* I should like, kidnap them all www

1/8 Miku. Her clothes is glossy XD

Ah the new Tony Luka. Looks so sexy and pretty.

Another shot.

And let's move on from figurines www. Here we have MVP members cosplaying Miku, Rin and Gumi Matryoshka ver. 

After hanging out for awhile, one of the emcees, Fazri was going around the hall introducing the exhibitors and doujins and stopped by our booth and suddenly interviewed JHan ww. We all agreed that he's the boss of our booth LOL.

Moving on to more cosplays, The only Natsume Yuujinchou cosplayers <3 and..dat="and..dat" br="br" nyanko-sensei="nyanko-sensei">

I proceeded to check out the AniManGakuen. Seems like this was when there was an intermediate level exam going on. There are 3 levels, Easy, Intermediate and Otaku. Kind of funny to see people staring at the pages with o.o face during Otaku level exam XD

Well, technically you can 'cheat' just don't do it obviously as stated in the rules xD (Like from Naruto yo ww)

More cosplays!

1925 Hatsune Miku!

Rare Final Fantasy cosplays are rare these days.Good job to these two cosplayers :)

IGGGGYYYYYYYYY!!! Yes, at least I still see Hetalia around :3

Oh lookie, Haruki is cosplaying Liberta from Arcana Famiglia. So fast cosplay already XD Good job Haruki :3

Yuuki cosplaying Miku from Sandplay of the Dragon and PheePhee cosplaying Yuzuki Yukari!! The only Yukari in AniManGaki I presume :D *glomps these two girls*

Bluey cosplaying Reimu while guarding the Omatsuri section XD XD. Oh and Edmund crossplaying as Madoka!!

Didn't take much photos anymore after that ww. Well, here we have my Crew pass and a badge I accidentally brought home www. No worries, returned to the rightful owner already on the second day XD

My haul from Day 1. Miku's Leek, Luka's mousepad and Kuroko birdie phone strap bought from doujin and exhibitor booth. Many thanks to my friends for the gifts!!! Kuroko no Basket artwork, Hatsune Miku chocolate, and the mint candy, arigatou you all QAQ I'm blessed to have such good friends, really!!

I almost forgot to took a photo of this ww (don't kill me Ratias /shot) Kuroko no Basket bookmark :)

Day 1 was quite hectic, we had a post mortem meeting on the end of Day 1 just to make things right for Day 2. And well, at least the meeting finished fast ww Went back at around 9/10pm. My feet, they were so sore D: And the thought that there's still tomorrow frightens me that day www. Thank god I play badminton regularly, if not, I think my legs would break XD

Oh well, next up, Day 2 report! Will get it up by tomorrow I guess. If I'm motivated enough to blog ww.

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