Tuesday, August 28, 2012

AniManGaki Day 0 Report!

Hello, its been awhile, and also, it has been more than 1 week since I last checked out Vocaloid news. So sad.

Putting that aside, I've been cut off from internet while I was back in Melaka and when I came back, I was busy with AniManGaki. Oh well, time to stop yapping and get to the report :)

For starters, here's a sum about AniManGaki :

AniManGaki is abbreviated from the word Anime, Manga, and Gaki (Japanese slang for 'brat'). The event's purpose is to have anime/manga/games fans congregate together and share their love for'em and meet new friends and have some fun. This year's theme for AniManGaki is 高校 (Highschool).

AniManGaki 2012 Event Page : https://www.facebook.com/events/294579240630092/
AniManGaki 2012 Official Website : http://animangaki.com/
AniManGaki Fanpage : https://www.facebook.com/animangaki

Friday (24th August 2012) was set up day for us crews and volunteers. Well, I arrived at 10.45am in the morning to set up the hall :) 

The hall was exceptionally hot QAQ If we wanted air-conditioning for set-up day, we had to pay another sum to SPCC (Sunway Pyramid Convention Centre) which costed a bomb! Well actually no one pays for air-conditioning during set-up so we had to tahan the heat and keep doing our job. Almost couldn't stand the humidity though D: Kept sweating like nobody's business.

Our AniManGaki 2012 buntings! Well, the printing shop misprinted one bunting, there's supposed to be 3 designs but they only printed 2, so we ended up asking them to print the 3rd design and then our number of buntings increased from 3, to 4. Yippee XD Credits to Emma and ShinKaiZen for the design, they're awesome!

When lunchtime's over, the contractor started to set up the booth shells and all :3 The hall looked less empty now XD I didn't really took much photos though, the crews were running around doing here doing that :X It was pretty tiring and hectic. And....THE HEAT QAQ.

The third shell is Malaysia Vocaloid Party's booth! Yay! MVP's 2nd booth in an event :)

To remind the attendees of the event, we had general rules and regulations posters posted on the wall outside the hall.

Miku-chan! Kawaii XD

And so, the guys from M.V.P came over to start set up the booth. I didn't really helped much though :X Gomennasai orz...

The loading bay of SPCC is awesome, it was huge! Well, this wasn't the largest loading bay they have, there's still another 1 which is double the size of this o3o. Look at crew member Kamo and Uncle Sensei having fun at the huge lift XD

And set-up is done for M.V.P booth :)
Pretty much ran around doing stuff after this. I really didn't took much photos after this D: And also, my legs were sore orz....very sore QAQ Not to mention that my Miku leek handphone strap broke while I was carrying tables....The leek got hooked to the edge of the table somehow and it broke QAQ...NOOOOOOOOOOO.jpg....

oh well.../sob

AniManGaki Day 1 and Day 2 report coming soon ^_^

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