Sunday, April 14, 2013

Burgertory Experience

So one fine day, me and my brother decided to go Ss15 to find dinner, in fact, we were looking around for Crayon Burger, while swirling around Ss15, as we passed by the row of shops, I noticed a fine looking burger sign on the top floor of a building. It pique my interest as it stated 'Burgertory'

I immediately told my brother about it, he took an interest to it too, since the both of us have went to myBurger Lab. And off we go, my brother found a nice parking space, got off the car and started off to Burgertory.

Burgertory Facebook fan page :

The entrance to their store looks fancy too!

As soon as we got into the store, we were greeted by their light/garage-gy feel deco. It does give off that kind of rusty feeling to it. Walk a little further and you'll notice this board full of pictures, surprisingly, the whole shop was DIY by the owners of Burgertory! Such fine people who make good food, equipped with good handiwork too!

Me and my brother walked further to the counter to make our purchase. I was kind of shy to take photos of the shop, so you'll just have to make do with these odd angle photos orz ( I should fix this bad trait of mine, as a blogger....www)

To the right of the counter is the menu, they serve pork, beef, and vege burgers! Finally, a pork burger joint! I was very delighted to see pork burgers, it's very rare to find pork burgers in Malaysia, and high quality ones at that.

To the left of the counter, you'll see an array of work tools used by the owners to decorate the shop. All the heavy machines, saws used to cut pipe, wood and everything else, hot glue gun etc etc. All were used by the shop owners to furnish this shop by themselves. It's a really added feature of the shop, showcasing their hard work put it to accomplish their dream burger joint.

After placing our orders, we took a seat and waited for our orders to arrive, different from myBurger Lab, Burgertory allows you to have the comfort of having your orders arrive in front of you! - they will serve you instead of picking up your own orders from the counter!

I ordered Shrooming Swine while my brother ordered something with Curry...I forgot the name :P It was fairly long ww

According to the person at the counter, their buns, burger patties, sauces, fries, onion rings etc, all of'em are homemade!! Just what I hoped for, homemade food.

A sky-view of our orders, unlike normal burgers, where you'll usually get those flat patties, Burgertory emphasizes on the texture of the patty, giving the patties a round shape and the meat packed just fine, not too hard to chew, but not too loose either, just perfect.

This burger shop just opened in Febuary, so, quickly grab your burgers before the time comes where you'll have to line up for 30 minutes just to make an order! DX

I would definitely come back for more pork burgers, so long as my purse allows me too orz. First world problems of a university student.

With that said, go have a try at Burgertory, serving customers with one of the best pork burgers out there!

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