Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Nendroid Lily from Anim.o.v.e

*Ba Dum Tss*

I have finally received my long awaited nendroid, Lily, from Anim.o.v.e.! Decided to a very brief/short review, well, I'm not really sure how to do figure reviews since...I only own two nendroids and a couple of nendroid puchis LOL, plus, my camera isn't really good enough to focus on the details of D:

But welp, here goes!

I received a call at around 11.30am, my friend told me that he's coming over to deliver my nendroid. Such short notice QAQ I have class at 12pm, so I couldn't personally go and collect it, but well, luckily Yui had a 3 hour lunch break, *phew* I wouldn't wanna wait any longer for my beloved Lily ;w;

Lily is produced by Phat Company, which is apparently Good Smile Company's subsidiary it seems. I was skeptical at first because it's not from the company whom I trust a lot, and enquiries from friends seems that Phat Company does have some ups and downs. So, I wasn't exactly expecting a Good Smile Company-quality nendroid. But nonetheless, I am really glad that Phat Company decided to take over and sculpted Lily!

Lily is a Vocaloid developed by Internet Co.Ltd. She differs from other Internet Co. series, she's not of the -poid series (Gackpoid, Megpoid). Her voice provider is Yuri Masuda who is from m.o.v.e. Seemingly having the image of an independent and strong lady, having a powerful personality which reflects in her voice, and also her character design.

I have always favoured Lily ever since her voicebank release, she's not the usual moe-kya-kya vocaloid/character you'd expect. Her voice alone is enough to show you that she's a serious singer and rock is her forte. Basically, I fell in love with her voice, added the fact that my favourite composer, niki, is and avid user of Lily haha XD

Oh well, enough with the introduction!

Here's the unboxing process!

Come to me, my baby! ;w;

I really love the packaging, black and yellow, Lily's trademark colour!

And once I take her out of the packaging.....

Look at all the parts I can play with! Well, not as much as HMO Miku, but still it's good enough for that reasonable price :) That mic stand and speaker!

I took her out during the evening, when there's still plenty of sunlight, I decided not to use artificial lighting and let the sunlight shine on her through my window. She looks exquisitely beautiful! 

Oops, forgot about to put on her headphones lol XD

I didn't really play around with her yet as I had some stuffs to tend to in the evening, thus, I only took more pictures of her during the night.

Pardon the bright lighting *cough*

I love the headphones, it's detachable and slides right onto Lily's ears perfectly. Though actually, if based on the official art, Lily's headphones should be black in colour :O

The only disappointing part about this nendroid (IMO), are Lily's tattoos. Lily has trademark tattoos on her left wrist and her back, near the waist area. It's very apparent, that blank space D: Do compare it with KEI's official art.

If I were to go into the nitty gritty parts of this nendroid, I'd comment about the nail polish. As shown in KEI's art, Lily has turquoise nail polish. But I guess this detail is far too small for a nendroid :P

There's a debate about Lily's hair, Phat Company decided to let her have this half-transparent yellow hair. I had second thoughts about it too when I first saw the prototype. But then again, imagine Lily with a full yellow hair, it might not be the best looking Lily figure out there ww. I'd say it's a good (and safe) choice for Phat Company to take on the risk and let her have this unique hair. On the contrary, having this clear plastic makes her "glow" and "sparkle" under yellow light, which is very very lovely w

Another side view of Lily from a different angle. 

Moving along to her body, she has quite a number of detachable clothing parts, she has 2 skirts, that belt-like thing and her detachable collar. From afar, you'd see that the zip details are pretty neat, but up close, I'd say that they can do a better work on the sculpting/paint job. To my disappointment, some of the zip parts are painted unevenly.

A closer look at her skirt, accessory and her vest. As you can see, the zip edges could do a better work. But I'm quite satisfied with the skirt and the belt accessory, exactly the same as the official artwork. And that makes me a happy idiot XD

Moving along to the back of the figure, looking at her vest, it's pretty well made, kudos to that. Phat Company retained the glossiness of the vest! But again, very sadly, her tattoo mark on her back is absent. You can compare it with the 1/8 Scale Lily figure.

I love the poses available for Lily. You can have her pose like the one from her V2 boxart.

This is the similar one to the 1/8 scale figure, and also replicating the official artwork 

Overall I'd say it's not a bad figure, but not the best out there too. But as a Lily maniac myself, it sure does make me happy to own a Lily nendroid. I guess this figure will appeal to a niche community.

Another few more pictures of her. This her Honey Bee faceplate. Cute indeed! *squeals*

Her 'Power' faceplate, this is my favourite faceplate out of all three. Shows her singing happily. Must be rockin' to another Vocarock again XD

If you noticed, Lily is probably the only nendroid to have mascara!!

And that's all for my first figure review :3 Thanks for reading, and comments are much appreciated!

p.s : I did not took a close picture of her mic and the speaker orz.