Monday, May 20, 2013


With the recent Malaysian 13th General Election causing a stir among us youngsters with all the potential frauds that occurred, all the black out black out! parodies. It's getting fascinating, heh.

and well, the power supply at my hostel decided to join in the fun too! By giving us a 4 hour black out on one fine Tuesday.

Well, all's good, luckily my housemate with their smartphones have these fancy torchlight apps in it. I'm using an old phone (aka stupidphone lol) so yeah. 

Decided to go out to university and hangout until the power comes back. It only came back at about 11pm+ though, and I was already fast asleep in my room lol, I didn't even realize power came back lmao.

Here's a funny parody made by Malaysian Youtuber, Dan Khoo

And with that, I shall end my nonsensical post. Exam is approaching, specifically in two weeks' time. I'm stressed out and whatnot, but I'll do my best. 

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