Friday, August 30, 2013

1/8 Lily Anim.o.v.e Quick Review

A very long overdue figure review! It's been very hectic lately thanks to AniManGaki @.@ My workload is actually more than last year, definitely felt the pressure. But now that it's over, I feel empty inside D:

Moving along, I think I used up my life long's luck by winning myself a 1/8 Lily Animo.v.e figure. Credits to Hobby Frontier for this amazing lucky draw! It was their first 1/8 giveaway, and lady's luck shone upon me. As a Lily fan, I'm really happy to be the owner of this 1/8, and I'll treasure her forever T_T

I received the figure, with a badly damaged box. The sides were dented QAQ Thank god for Good Smile Company's packaging method, the figure is safe and unharmed. Utmost care had to be taken when I tried to extract Lily since the box is badly dented. (Thus no pictures of the box :P)


The both of them look so lovely together I CAN'T----

This is a quick review of the figure. I didn't really care much about having a great setting to take the photos. Most of the photos are taken in a classroom in my university lol, once received, immediately spazzed and took photos :3 

All hail this piece of plastic that protected my Lily! 1/8 Lily comes with a base, her figure, and her microphone. Her pose is exactly the same as the cover art of her V2.

Once assembled, she looks gorgeous. (pardon the bad lighting)

Upon close up, I love her pose, gives her that 'powerful' image as opposed to that cute image that her nendroid has.

dem long sexy legs.

I'm quite amazed at the detail of her speaker. Initially I thought it's a piece of hard wire covering the speaker, but it's actually a soft wool! Makes the surface of the speaker poke-able XD

Her sexy waist. The only movable part on Lily's figure. That belt accessory and that blue disc. Similar to the nendroid :3

Lily looks amazing from afar, but taking a closer look at her facial expression, it's kind of disappointing. She has that half-smile-half-pout face. I wish she wasn't pouting so much D: That'll make her look more stunning.

Next up, Lily's back and her half translucent hair.

I love the hair, nuff' said. Looks great under yellow light.

The streaks of her hair made her look as if she's really 'alive'. The pose is not so stiff afterall!

I just have to highlight her glossy jacket....

...And her sexy back! But my focus is actually that tattoo on her waist. Amazing detail!

And that medal-like accessory! Most people don't even know there's such thing on Lily's back XD

Next up, tattoo on her wrist! If you read my Lily Nendroid review, you'll notice how much I complained about the absence of her tattoos. Now looking at it up close, it's really intricate!

Not to mention her turquoise nail polish! Guess this is an impossible feat for the nendroid as it's too small for such details.

Here's one of my favourite shot that I took. Splendor *w*

Moving along to her microphone. As you can see, great detail on the top of the mic!

And up next is Lily's base! I still don't like her base sadly :( It's blue in colour, which is a very contradicting colour for Lily. And the base is shaped as the word 'Lily'. I wish they'd try and come up with an alternative design for this >_<

The only defect on my Lily is a little bit of the paint got chipped off from her left shoe. But since it's facing the bottom side, it's barely noticeable :3

Coming back up to the figure, great detail on the zip!

Also, her headphones are grey-ish! Which is the correct colour of it. The nendroid has slightly blue-ish headphones.

To end the review, here's my second best shot! >w< Photos are taken with a 4 year old compact camera so take it easy on me ;w;

And I guess thats the end of my very short review. Since I got myself this 1/8 Lily, my life is (almost) complete, and I'll stop wanting Vocaloid nendroids/figures XD Once again, thank you Hobby Frontier for the prize and I hope Lily won't distract me so much when I try to study.

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