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AniManGaki 2013

Ready for a long post? :D Well, now that AMG is over, I feel a wee bit empty inside. But look at the bright side, I'm back into Vocaloid, and I have time for my studies! 

AniManGaki 2013 was a yet another great experience for me. Learnt about more stuffs regarding event management. This is my 2nd year in the community. Took up more tasks than I'm supposed to handle though.

Official Website :

This year we had more activities than any other previous AniManGaki. 

  • Cosplay DUET and SOLO Competition
  • AniManGaki Idol
  • Touhou Festival
  • Omatsuri
  • Bands and Stage performances
  • Blazblue X UMVC3 Tournament
  • Cosplay Workshop 
  • TCG Tournament
  • Special Guest Appearances : Onnies, Tatsumi Inui, kiDChan, Danny Choo

For more details regarding each activity, head over to our official website :)

We took a huge step this year by collaborating with Tokyo Game Show to let our Cosplay Competition shine this year. With the collaboration, we had Tatsumi Inui, site operator of Cure (A cosplay website) and also producer of Cosplay Collection night @ Tokyo Game Show, to grace our event as our guest judge for both cosplay SOLO and DUET competition.

Inui-san would choose winner(s) from either Solo cosplay or Duet cosplay to attend Cosplay Collection Night @ Tokyo Game Show as Malaysia's representative! How cool is that! I wish I have the chance to go Japan too T_T

We also had Onnies from Thailand to attend our event on Day 2! Sadly I wasn't able to really converse with her as I can't speak Thai ;w; but at least Onnies knows a bit of English! And many thanks to her translator who came together with her too :D

Well, before I start with the pictures, a shoutout to everyone in the committee for doing a great job for AniManGaki 2013, also many thanks to SAYS for supporting us all the way, our sponsors, exhibitors, doujinshis, stage performers, VIPs, media, and of course, the public :)

Special thanks to Mandy and Pau who took over my job at the counter to register for doujinshis/media. Also, a huge otsukaresama deshita to Liyana for being our official translator for our guests from Japan ( I learnt alot following you around XD). Thank you Nazrul, Zalikha and Yui for getting me food as I had no time to eat at all QAQ.......can't really thank everyone so i'll just say THANK YOU!!!!!! lol

That's it for the wall of text. So here comes the wall of pictures :D

Day 0 (23/8/2013) - Prep day!

This year we're going bigger, so we took up two halls of Sunway Pyramid Convention Centre. 

AniManGaki 2013's theme is 'Victorian'. And as you can see, most of our designs are heavily based on Victorian patterns. 

Early in the morning, setup time!

Foyer area! Due to the fact that we can't fully make our foyer area blocked off for our event due to the neighbouring dinner event at Pyramid Hall 1, we had to make it public this year. Only the hall requires a ticket to enter.

That's our event director right there! XD She's a great person with a great personality :)

Beautiful passes designs and ticket design by our designer, Hazwan and illustrator Nururu.

Moar passes!

Looks like the hall is almost done - the exhibitor booths at least XD

The Cosplay Workshop was an added thing this year, and it is done by a third party. But since it adds activity to our event, we decided to go ahead with it! Managed to secure two rooms upstairs for this occasion. Comfortable cozy area, with (very) cold air-conditioning though.

Thank you to the organizer, and the people who attended the workshop! Hope you guys had fun.

A random picture of me and my friend, Loke planking on the stage!

This year, we invited Danny Choo over to our event! Though it was quite a sudden change of plans, so no TnG cards were sold during AMG. It was great meeting up with the Culture Japan people, shoutout to Jason, Jimmy and Quist! Met these peeps from CF Mini :D

Once the setup was complete, exhibitors start to pour in to prep their booth. Here's one of our exhibitors, YER Otaku Corner.

I didn't really took much photos this year as I was busy running around, so yeah TwT

Here's a picture of the hall, doujin booths are ready to go! We had 90 doujins this year, as opposed to 48 doujins last year. Great increase indeed.

The process of putting up the backdrop! Lookie, must be Victoria University's convocation :P Left their backdrop there haha.

Newly designed buntings! Kei-chan (AniManGaki's mascot) like a sir.

All the organizations/companies who helped us make AniManGaki happen :)

Day 1 - Hectic Day! D:

From hereon, you won't see much cosplay photos, in fact, very little photos as if I'm never at the event D:

I ended up assisting Liyana to escort the VIPs. It was a great experience actually, albeit chatting with the guests with my poor self-taught Japanese. 

Here's a photo of Inui, Liyana, me, and Inui-san's translator, Miya. Both Inui and Miya's cosplays are so kakkoii MY KOKORO CAN'T....

Throughout the day was hanging around with the guests, guiding them to the judging table for the cosplay competition when it was time for it, heading back to the guest room, and also helped out their World Cosplay Day Project. 

No any other photos taken...until Day 1 activities ended and sent back the guests.

I present to you random photos!!!

PG RX-78-2 Gundam, a special prize sponsored by Toyzable. It was given away to a special cosplayer who won a simple game of rock-paper-scissors, and it was only limited to Victorian-dressed cosplayers. I bet all the guys went 'jelly~' at the sight of this Gundam XD

I never had the luxury to step outside the parking lot on Day 1 until late at night. Finally got to see the Mirai itasha, though it was only 1 car ^_^; But I guess better than nothing!

Speaking about Mira reminds me about my experience earlier in the morning. As the line for Culture Japan booth was blocking one of our exhibitors, I had to usher the crowd to move the line, but sadly no one bothered to listen to me ;w; So I decided to go over to the Culture Japan booth to ask for their assistance, but unfortunately the people at the counter were too busy so they didn't saw me asking for help. On the other hand, Danny Choo was standing right beside the counter, he saw me flailing my hands to the people over the counter, and decided to come over to me and asked me whats up. Surprised and tried to keep my calm, I explained the situation to him and Danny helped ushered the crowd. Everyone was surprisingly so obedient when they saw Danny's face haha XD

I guess that sums up my Day 1!

Day 2 - Less hectic, but still hectic!

Once again, sorry for the lack of photos T_T

Our Omatsuri division's head is an artsy guy and look what he drew!

The transmutation circle from Fullmetal Alchemist. It was popular when it was placed at the Omatsuri booth, people came by and took photos while posing on it. Great idea indeed!

Day 2 I was clearly panicking in the morning as the sudden arrival of guests from Thailand. I didn't know that they will be introduced on stage. Thank god for the Felynes and CF's committee, managed to gather a few trusted security peeps to help guide the VIPs :D

Introducing the judges for the cosplay competition. From left, IGloomy, Inui, Onnies, Miya (not judging though) and Kondo-san.

Onnies went on stage to do a dance performance. She danced to Romeo and Cinderella :D

On Day 2, Inui-san cosplayed as Silvers Rayleigh from One Piece. A picture with him! <3 p="">

Also, introducing our Kei-chan cosplayer, Loke! XD Gijinka version of Kei-chan :D

Onnies was very popular during the event, once she got to the bright area of the foyer, all I can hear is shutter sounds and she got dragged off for a short photoshoot too haha.

Nearing the end of the day, taken right before the prize giving ceremony. Gosh I look so petite here....

Nearing the end of the day, I laid down on the carpet floor back at the counter/AMG office. And suddenly pau attacked me D: I desperately tried to protect the Lawson flyer that Inui-san gave me LOL (treasure to me ;w;)

I guess Inui-san recalled our talk regarding all the special ACG stuffs appearing at Japan's Konbini (Convenience Store). I recalled talking a lot about Miku's Lawson campaign. Well, suddenly on Day 2 while resting in the Guest Room, he suddenly took out this flyer and gave it to me OwO Look at Levi's face on that flyer pfft XD Thank you for the gift Inui-san!

This year we had a flashmob group who directly contacted us for permission to do flashmob. And I must say that they're good fellas, I noticed their board. They drew Kei-chan, our logo, and the ticket design so perfectly. I LOVE YOU GAISSSSSSS

Welp, after everything ended. It's time for crew/volunteers photo!

But before that, Yui suddenly pinned a little chicken on my head :o

This is a blur camwhore, but Jess' face is too amusing XD

That chickieeeeee!!!

Great group photo by The Lone Grapher. Thank you!

Loots from AniManGaki. Sadly, I didn't have the luxury of browsing the doujin booths at all this year../sob But nevertheless, still got myself some stuff! :D

Senjou no Valkyria shirt by COSPA. This shirt is my size (fortunately), and has been lying around in our stock for quite some time lol.

07 group! /salutes

*Ba dum tss* Addition to my plushie collection, a Nyanko-sensei HNGGHHHH


Cure postcards featuring popular cosplayers such as (from left) Yuegene, Kaname, Akatsuki Tsukasa and Reika. Thank you Miya-san for the lovely gift!

My crew pass :) Love the colours, orange is AniManGaki's trademark colour.

Siggies! From the top, Miya-san, Danny Choo, Onnies (right below Danny Choo's) and lastly Inui-san. Shall treasure this forever!

Got myself another freebie, a One Piece mug. Gift courtesy of Nozomi 

The amount of namecards I received this year is amazing! Establishing contacts is important yo! XD Gave out mine a lot too ^^

That marks the end of the wall of photos. Apologies for the lack of photo coverage this year. 

But guess what, hurrah, 8,000 attendees this year! AniManGaki 2012 was only 4,700, this is almost a double ;w;

Thank you for attending AniManGaki 2013, hope you enjoyed the event, and if you have any enquiries feel free to send in an email to or just post your feedback on our homepage!

Before I end this post, I would like to say thank you to my friends who greeted me during the event, and sorry if I accidentally ignored some of you >_< I hope to continue to be part of the committee for next year. Till then, look forward to AniManGaki 2014!

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